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Online Gambling Notices Rescinded in Minnesota

Monday, June 1st, 2009

bannedHere’s some good news for gamblers and poker lovers in Minnesota, not to mention for eleven of the biggest internet service providers in the world. A mere four days following the statewide victory of the Poker Players Alliance, the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of Minnesota’s Public Safety division set word to the aforementioned ISPs. The purpose of the letters sent? To let the ISPs know that the state was officially rescinding the notices it sent out announcing that it would be blocking two hundred web sites devoted to gambling on the internet.

Verizon, Qwest, Charter, Sprint, and Comcast were but a few of the internet service providers served with this notice. The Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division was calling for a block of more than just poker sites. There were a veritable bevy of bingo sites included in their list of the sites they wanted blocked as well. They even included web sites which actually do not accept any actions from within the United States.

iMEGA filed a suit against the director of the division soon after the list was publicized. And they ultimately won, leading the division to rescind its demands.

Harrah’s Goes for EuroPoker

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

online-poker2The latest in online poker news is revolving heavily around Harrah’s Entertainment.  Just this Friday, the company made the annoucement detailing plans to expand internationally.  Specifically, a spokesperson for Harrah’s announced plans to expand in both gaming and the technologies, beginning on the European continent.

This was actually a very smart move on Harrah’s part.  This past week, a lot of companies in the United States have been making a very big to do about legalizing online poker.  The ensuing uproar has, of course, garnered a lot of attention.  And yet, there you have Harrah’s, releasing a rather subtle, understated press release, because they are essentially one upping every single one of their competitors.

To be sure, this announcement is sure to have an enormous effect on the World Series of Poker, especially if the game gets legalized in the United States.  The World Series is already huge, but experts anticipate that with the legalization of the game coupled with Harrah’s new EuroPoker venture — which is certain to do better than EuroDisney, since it involves gambling and money — will make the World Series of Poker an internationally huge phenomenon.

Alosta Rounders Start Poker Blog

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The famous Alosta Rounders have recently launched their own official poker blog over at — and being a big fan of every single member of this infamous poker crew killing the Belgian poker scene…

I can’t wait for Jonathan A.‘s stories… Bookmark it (site’s in dutch, big deal)!

Alosta Rounders

Royal Flush at Unibet

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Blog reader Gert sent us a screen shot of his winning Royal Flush on the microstakes tables of Unibet, a European gambling network with a booming poker community…

Way to go Gert, keep up hitting the monsters, and keep sending in the screens!


Click for full size image!

I’ve Been Playing Under Par…

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I’ve been playing under par for over a couple weeks and I’ve decided to give poker a rest for a couple of weeks while working on a big project at work. I’m still up for 2008 but my online poker (full tilt this time) results are way below standards and in the VERY soft live games I play in in the local casino I’m only a slight winner too…

No biggie though, time to suck it in and get my game back together… :)

Will be back in a couple weeks! :)

Poker is fun, both in a live casino environment and in the Online casino, but make sure to always just play what you can afford -- otherwise addiction is just around the corner!

$850,000+ Bad Beat Jackpot on Absolute Poker

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I would never play absolute due to known cheat issues in the past, but getting $33k for folding pre-flop in a $0.5/$1 limit hold’em game is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

YouTube Preview Image

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Royal Flush on PartyPoker

Friday, March 28th, 2008

I haven’t had a Royal Flush in quite a long time so when one of our readers sends me a pic of their royal flush I feel like sharing it with the audience here on my poker blog. This one comes from Party Poker, Pot Limit Omaha Hi, low stakes.


If someone else has royals to share — send me!!!

Poker Games

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

When a lot of people hear the word poker, they immediately think of the version that they see on TV in Texas Holdem.  More specifically, they may think of No Limit Texas Hold’em as this is the type that is often broadcast.  This is because it is the most exciting due to the lack of a betting limit.  However, there are actually many different poker games out there.

First off, there is the aforementioned Texas Hold’em.  This is definitely the most popular version of all the poker games and Hold’em sees many new players join its ranks everyday.  Poker as a whole has benefited greatly from the popularity of Texas Hold’em and its TV exposure has taken the game to new heights.

Another one of the poker games that has become more and more widespread is Omaha.  It is hard to say if Omaha is truly the second most popular variation of poker or not but it is close.  The reason for its rise among poker games is that Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em and people who have become used to Hold’em can naturally make the switch to Omaha.

Before the popularity spike in Hold’em, 7 Card Stud used to be the most widely played version of online poker games.  7 Card Stud differs quite a bit from the previously mentioned games in that players are dealt two downcards each, four upcards each, and then one more downcard.

These are pretty much the three most popular of all the poker games.  There are many other types of poker and variations to each type but these are the three that you’ll normally see being played across the world.  And if you ever get tired of one type of poker, it doesn’t hurt to try something else once in a while in the form of another one of the poker games.

Giving Betfair a go

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I’ve decided to give Betfair a little go after I discovered they accept paypal deposits. I’m not too sure about the software now that I just installed it, but I suppose I could end up getting used to the somewhat flash-feel it has…

Will keep you posted, hopefully not with bad beat screenshots :D hehehehe

Two poker wins this weekend

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Hi everyone! Played quite a lot of poker this weekend, and ended up with two reasonably big poker wins in tournaments this weekend.

The first one was a pretty easy 45-player sit ‘n go on Full Tilt Poker. Can’t believe how easy this was. I was a card-wreck. Picked up KK in the first hand, doubled up against a guy holding QJ (hit the Q on the flop) — picked up AA a couple hands later, took another big chunk of chips as I made a set of aces against his A9. Cruised on, never really got into trouble. Went heads-up with an 8-to-1 lead. Good stuff.

Second one was a 180-player SnG. Was carddead throughout the first 60 minutes, and actually only played like 3 hands in the first hour — but ended up doubling up twice with only 25 players to go. Got on the final table in 7th chip position, picked up 9T of hearts to make me a nut straight (against lower straight) — and got a lucky break when my KK beat AA. Once I won that hand, I pretty much sailed to victory.

Decided to take a break for a few days, kind of tired. :)