How to properly play rag Aces

Ace Trey of SpadesHolding rag aces or an ace-rag simply means you were given an Ace and another card that is lower than 10. You can call A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, and A9 rag races. In short, ace-rag is an Ace coming with a low kicker.

Now how do you play an ace-rag hand? It will be a very common mistake for inexperienced to get very confident with their hand because of the ace that they are holding. Most of the time this gets them into trouble.

One good rule for rag aces is to consider to fold them always since they will rarely win big for you. More often than not, you will end up losing money because you will be out kicked.

If you want to consider playing the ace and the low kicker, wait for a top pair on the flop. Watch out though for another opponent who raises before the flop because most likely they out kick your cards – and you’re on your way out of the casino broke.

Here are some tips on how you play rag aces:

  1. You can only win small pots even if you get a top pair. There might be another player who has a worse kicker but most likely he will not put much chips into it unless he is true Donkaments.
  2. It can be a profitable scenario but it is also a rare one that you make two pairs after the flop but you will be head on against someone who has a better kicker. The chances of being profitable are very slim.
  3. You can bet it out if you are holding an ace-rag but there can be another player who has a better ace making you doubt your hand or there will be an opponent who has a lower kicker who eventually folds his stand. It is still a small pot for you in the end.

As you can see, what we highlight here is that rag aces do not win you big pots. It does not work miracles for you on the poker table. Even with a two pair, it can be a losing battle in the long run. Drill it in your head, an A6 that you hold will not be better when someone holds an AQ before you see the flop. Save yourself some chips and fold.

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