How to Determine a Good Starting Hand: 1

hand-1Naturally, even a beginner poker player has to know that quite often, everything relies on your starting hand. That is typically your key to winning — now, not always, of course, because who knows what will happen in the course of a game? Often, however, your game will hinge on your starting hand and it can be the whole key to being able to win a hand of poker, whether it is Omaha, Texas Hold ‘Em, or 5 Card Stud.

But how do you judge your starting hand? What marks a good one? The odds are typically against the kind of hand that will make you a winner right off the bat. You have to learn about considering percentages and learn to rely on your hole cards the most.

Two aces are great for a start; two kings are as well, or suited face cards — but what if that does not happen? Are those the only good starting hands?

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