Online Gambling Notices Rescinded in Minnesota

bannedHere’s some good news for gamblers and poker lovers in Minnesota, not to mention for eleven of the biggest internet service providers in the world. A mere four days following the statewide victory of the Poker Players Alliance, the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of Minnesota’s Public Safety division set word to the aforementioned ISPs. The purpose of the letters sent? To let the ISPs know that the state was officially rescinding the notices it sent out announcing that it would be blocking two hundred web sites devoted to gambling on the internet.

Verizon, Qwest, Charter, Sprint, and Comcast were but a few of the internet service providers served with this notice. The Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division was calling for a block of more than just poker sites. There were a veritable bevy of bingo sites included in their list of the sites they wanted blocked as well. They even included web sites which actually do not accept any actions from within the United States.

iMEGA filed a suit against the director of the division soon after the list was publicized. And they ultimately won, leading the division to rescind its demands.

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