Seven duece game made me a huge pot

Seven DueceWe were playing the seven duece game at private game in The Netherlands a couple weeks ago (blinds €5/€10 NLH) and the extra €10 from every player was really making a huge difference (lol, it’s so about the ‘macho’ness of the 72 isn’t it)… Anyway, I picked up 72 utg and decided to play it. I raised it up to €50 pre-flop and got two callers behind me.

The flop came:

752 rainbow.

Good flop for me and I decided to bet right out (€110) as I probably would most of the time with AA or KK in that spot. The first guy behind me folded and then I got raised to €250. I made the call and turned a seven to fill up. I checked to show weakness and the guy behind me quickly moved all-in for his last €600. I made the call and chuckled when he turned over two fives…

The guy obviously didn’t like it (and neither would I in that spot) but I dragged the pot and took an extra €80 on the side.

Awesome! :D

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  1. Gert Says:

    hahaha what a funny story :D

  2. Top15Poker01 Says:

    This game got the huge pot to win and many high level players get into this to score more. Seven duece game needs much skill rather than the other poker games. Thanks for the post!!!

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