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$850,000+ Bad Beat Jackpot on Absolute Poker

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I would never play absolute due to known cheat issues in the past, but getting $33k for folding pre-flop in a $0.5/$1 limit hold’em game is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

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1000 days to build a $250.000 BR

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Found this site and decided to give it a plug as I love it a lot. Good luck to BigBrother in making his goal — I’ll be here supporting (I’ll be giving periodical updates when this guy makes it past milestones on his Bankroll).


2009 World Series of Poker

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I realize I’m a year early, but I’ve decided I’m going to try hard to get into the series in 2009. I’m not going to Vegas to just play one event so I’m hoping to have at least $20k to buy in to a couple events apart from the main event.

I’ll probably be doing a couple of small-number player satellites hoping to get in on the cheap and I’ve started putting 5% profit asides from this month on. I’ll keep you up to date of my progress. Wish me luck! :)