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Bodog Poker: Online Poker Room Review

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Bodog Poker is a sportsbook and casino that has been operating since 1995, with the poker room opening in 2004. The poker site is popular and hasn’t been too affected by Bodog’s courtroom troubles with the domain name. The eccentric founder Calvin Ayre is currently taking auditions for his reality show Sharks and Fools where he is offering $1000 000 contract to play as a poker pro for a year. Watching the audition videos are worth a visit to the site alone.

The bonuses and promotions offered by Bodog Poker are excellent. Bodog Poker offers an instant initial deposit bonus of 10% with a maximum of $1000. They have both WPT and WSOP Qualifier tournaments and Sit and Go’s. Bodog Poker runs a weekly $100000 guaranteed tournament on Sundays.


The games offered are all variations of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and Five-Card Stud. You can also use their sportsbook and casino which has an excellent reputation. There is ring game action for most limits and although it hasn’t the largest flow of player traffic, the tournaments can give you good action also. The competition at Bodog is like fishing in a pond. Even an average player could make money here.

The updated software is fast, offers nice graphics and is actually my favorite site to play on. It also offers some particularly innovative functions, such as a three-in-one mode where three tables can be viewed and played in the same window. The software is stable and updates usually load well.

Poker Etiquette

Monday, January 7th, 2008

More of an example of poor poker table etiquette, actually. I was at the table yesterday playing the €10/€20 game – a limit pretty high for no-limit games in Central Europe. Anyway, the game was pretty decent, and there were a couple of €2500+ pots every hour. Good action.

poker hand

At one point, a pot comes to a showdown, about €1200 in the pot. First player doesn’t show his pair of eights, but announces it. The other guy showed a king to make his pair of kings – and throws the other card in the center of the table. It’s turned face down. All of a sudden, player one turns over his eight, and declares the pot his: “he can’t muck half his hand, once he does that, the pot is mine!”.

The whole table was like: “you’re joking, right?”. But – he wasn’t. Casino manager came in – decided player one was right. Dude took the pot – the other guy lost about 500 in the hand.
I mean – wtf? Is that poker etiquette in most casinos? :s

Losing AA vs. Q9 — pre-flop all-in

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I’m NOT going to turn this into my own little persional poker blog on which I complain about the bad beats I encounter while playing online poker and live poker in the casinos in the neighborhood — but this one was so sick I just can’t get over it.

POCKET ACESSecond hand of the night — everyone has their initial buy-in of about $1000 in front of them, and I pick up a couple of aces on the button. I have a raise in front of me, and one caller (under the gun raised 3BB — call middle position) — so I decided to re-raise about 8BB. The initial raiser made an instafold — middle position re-raised me the minimum. The pot was about $250 at that point, so I decided to go for the pot with the rest of my chips.

When the other side of the table started doubting — i put him on a middle pair — nines, tens — a hand I would probably fold if I were him — but playable none the less…

After about two minutes, the guy says: “nah, you don’t have it” — and he calls. I instashow my aces, and he says: “well, I”m on the draw” — and show me Q9 O/S.

Flop comes — A93 rainbow. Great — i’m well-ahead now. The turn makes my full house — another nine. My opponent is dead to the case nine. The river brings… A FRIGGING 9.

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. Opponent starts making noise and yells about how great he is — he just KNEW it… Awesome, dude! Anyway — I don’t mind aces being cracked — I do when it’s by a freaking one-outer on the river…

Oh well….