Up and Down – Moving Limits to match your Bankroll

bankroll moneyChoosing which limit to play is a vital part of managing your bankroll. A Bankroll is a poker player’s means for playing and if you misuse it by playing at the wrong limit you are likely to go bust fast.

Now if you are in fact independently wealthy, the limit you play at will be based upon skill rather than how much you can afford to lose. But even those with a bank balance larger than the GDP of Latvia should take a moment to consider the following.

Choosing the limit you initially play at will be based on your initial Bankroll. This amount is what you are prepared to lose and not your only daughters wedding fund. Based on that you choose a limit depending on the type of poker you will be playing.

When you make some money, and hopefully you will, you may wish to move up a level, but you don’t have to. If you are comfortable at the limit you are playing and you are winning, then stick with what works. If and when you move up keep an eye on whether you are winning. Set yourself an amount you are willing to lose and stick to it. Move back down it you lose to many sessions in a row at your new level.

If you are keeping records of your sessions, and you should be, you will soon be able to see at what limit you are most profitable. Playing within your means should mean that you never have to reload again.

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