The World Series of Poker – 1979

August 30th, 2013

I love watching these old poker videos… Poker was something else back in the days… If you LOVE poker, than you’ll LOVE this video – it’s 40 minutes of pure gold!

Not playing much these days – played a tourney though…

June 14th, 2013

I played a tournament a few days ago, and it has been quite a while. I played a small $240 tournament at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – and didn’t cash. Even though I played ok, I was bested by the later winner of the tournament in a big pot where my open-end straight flush draw couldn’t improve against a flopped set by Belgian player Michael-David Passy – apparently quite a poker celebrity in his home country.

I’m hoping to play a couple more tournaments in 2013 – but my real comeback will be in 2014. I’ll be playing the World Series of Poker Circuit that year as I’m taking a sabbatical from my job…

I hope to be more lucky next year…

Video Poker Around the World

July 31st, 2012

Video poker first started to appear in casinos in the late seventies although it really didn’t start to become popular until well into the eighties. It is easy to see why video poker is popular with casino owners, they can set up the machines and they will just continue to earn money without the need to pay a dealer to run them. It is also fairly easy to understand why video poker is popular with players, it is ideal for people who want to go to a casino but who are not entirely sure of how to play the table games.

video pokerVideo poker is played around the world but it is by far the most common in the United States. In large part this is because poker is thought of as being an American game, although it is played around the world these days. The other reason that video poker is so popular in the US is that many of the people who visit American casinos are not particularly sophisticated gamblers, this is why most of the floor space is devoted to slot machines. Giving patrons a machine that they can play poker on instead of having to sit at a table has proved to be a popular option. The result is that most casinos have a large section that is devoted to video poker machines.

While video poker is common in American casinos it is not nearly as common in the casinos of Europe. This is largely due to the fact that people in Europe tend to have a lot more experience with gambling and so are more comfortable with table games. This does not however mean that you will not find video poker machines, they are usually just not in casinos. Because gambling laws in most of Europe are much more lax than they are in the US it is possible to put video poker machines in places like bars which is where you will find most of them located. These games have proved to be very popular with bar patrons in some European countries.

One of the countries in Europe in which video poker games are not all that common is Italy. This is largely because until very recently video poker in Italy was illegal. Up until 2011 Italian law differentiated between games of pure chance and games that required skill to determine the outcome. Games that were based on pure chance were illegal. Oddly even though regular poker was allowed is it required skill video poker was made illegal. In 2011 the law changed and games of chance were permitted under strict government control. This allowed casinos to start installing video poker terminals and several have done just that. In the short time that the games have been available they have proved to be very popular although the number of them that are available is still quite limited.

The World Series of Poker Introduced

May 9th, 2012

There are few poker tournaments in the world that are more well known than the World Series of Poker. For players winning the Main Event is a career highlight. In fact many players have burst on to the scene by winning the World Series of Poker as their first tournament win. This is why so many people enter the event every year, there is always the chance that the same thing will happen to you.

The World Series of Poker is the biggest and most well known of all the poker tournaments in the world and has played a large part in making the game what it is today. The tournament got its start in the seventies when it was a much more modest affair. Las Vegas Legend Benny Binnion thought it would be a good idea to bring together the top poker players in the world to see who was the best. The first tournament had just one table, the event has grown to the point where now there are thousands of entrants playing a variety of different games.

When people refer to the World Series of Poker you have to be sure that you are clear on what they are talking about, there are actually several different events these days. The event that everybody wants to win is the Main Event, this is the one that attracts the most competitors and the one that has by far the biggest prize. The amount that you can win will vary from year to year based on the number of people who enter but over the last few years the prize has been in the ten million dollar range.

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What is the World Poker Tour?

April 12th, 2012

There has been a lot of attention placed here lately in the game of poker. This new found love for the game is a direct result of the fact that the world poker tour has went a long way in the last few years to make the sport popular and has led to a boom that is felt all over the internet as well as television.WPT Polaroid The real question that has to be asked, is what exactly in the World Poker Tour? The short answer is it is a collection of tournaments that are based on the Texas Hold ‘em style of games. This was founded in 2002 and has experienced a world of excitement in the last few years.

Founded in 2002 by Steve Lipscomb, in its debut it first aired on the Travel Channel here in the United States. This has been the country that it has been popular in for the last few years as it is broadcast here in this country primarily. In 2008, the event began to offer event champions bracelets. This made the event a little more of a legitimate event and allowed participants to feel that they had an event that they could take pride in for the most part. In 2009, the WPT was purchased by Partygames for a sum of over 12 million dollars. The event, however has seen little in the way of actual change.

The broadcast history of the event has been what has helped the event to remain popular as well as helped to boost the popularity of the game. The travel channel as well as NBC, FOX Sports as well as GSN have all come onboard in the past few years to broadcast events and allow people to follow their favorite players. This is a large part of the popularity that the sport has experienced in the last few years and led to a great number of sites to pop up and offer this sport for a person to practice their skills in mock tournaments.

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Poker is fun, both in a live casino environment and in the Online casino, but make sure to always just play what you can afford -- otherwise addiction is just around the corner!

Excellent Laydown by Annette Obrestad

August 26th, 2010

I love seeing Annette play. She calls the flop, she improves her hand on the turn and just knows she’s beat. That’s the differnce between a world-class poker-playing machine from Eastern Europe and me. I just stick it in there, Annette Obrestad doesn’t, she gets away from it losing close to no chips. Pure beauty!

YouTube Preview Image

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How to properly play rag Aces

April 2nd, 2010

Ace Trey of SpadesHolding rag aces or an ace-rag simply means you were given an Ace and another card that is lower than 10. You can call A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, and A9 rag races. In short, ace-rag is an Ace coming with a low kicker.

Now how do you play an ace-rag hand? It will be a very common mistake for inexperienced to get very confident with their hand because of the ace that they are holding. Most of the time this gets them into trouble.

One good rule for rag aces is to consider to fold them always since they will rarely win big for you. More often than not, you will end up losing money because you will be out kicked.

If you want to consider playing the ace and the low kicker, wait for a top pair on the flop. Watch out though for another opponent who raises before the flop because most likely they out kick your cards – and you’re on your way out of the casino broke.

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Pokerstars sounds SEXIER in Polish

March 5th, 2010


I love this Polish stuff! :D

YouTube Preview Image


January 30th, 2010

LOOOOOL I LOVE KATHY LIEBERT SO FREAKING MUCH. HAHAHAHAHA. She talks about Howard and Annie – she talks shit about Daniel in his face. Daniel Negreanu: REPREZENT HOLMES!

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How to Determine a Good Starting Hand: 3

October 22nd, 2009

hand-3Let’s take a moment to talk about raising and the strategy you should employ when you do so — specifically as it applies to your starting hand.

There are certain times when you need to bet or raise very, very aggressively before the dealer even lays out the flop. If you have two aces, two kings, two queens, or an ace and king combo before the flop is dealt, that is when you need to be aggressive. This is because these particular cards can often lose their inherent values when the pot is large and there are multiple players in the game.

Sometimes, you need to be very careful and even moderate when you are betting and raising for the flop. You should be somewhere in the middle if your starting hand consists of an ace and a king, an ace and a queen, an ace and a jack, or a king and a queen.

Lastly, remember that you should only raise two jacks when you are playing a tight table, because it will run out those hands which consists of aces and nines, and things of that nature. You should probably not ever raise on two tens.